Printing & Logistics Division

The responsibilities of the Printing & Logistics Division are more than the printing. It is responsible for executing printing works for all the Divisions of the HQs and also facilitates/undertakes printing job requirements for Directorates of Census Operations of States/UTs. The major work involves printing of ORGI’s Publications, Reports, large numbers of ICR scannable schedules of Census & Verbal Autopsy, Pamphlets, Brochures, Posters etc. relating to various schemes of the department. It also undertakes to arrange to pack and dispatch the printed materials to the respective destinations.

During decennial Census Operations, huge quantity of set of Instruction Manuals and ICR scannable schedules in 18 and 16 languages respectively, for both the phase of Census operations are to be arranged by the Division & dispatch it to the Charge Offices of the States/UTs well within the date of start of training of Census Enumerators & Supervisors. Other than this, requisite supporting materials such HLB Layout Map, Supervisory Circle Map, Enumerators Abstract, Working Sheet, Charge Registers, I-Cards of E&S are also arranged by the Division for the States keeping in view the local conditions of the States. The challenge of printing of these documents in such large numbers in a time bound manner is stupendous.

The schedules required for both the phases of Census involve specialized features like:
i. ICR Scannable
ii. Variable Pre-Printing
iii. 3D Barcode
iv. Standardization of ink
v. Colour Drop
vi. Out Edge Cutting

The above said complexities in printing requires meticulous planning, on matters concerning the quality of paper, its availability in the press; designing of field schedules; accounting for the languages in which these were to be printed; identifying the art presses for taking up printing of ICR scannable schedule with variable printing; selection of other presses for printing the instruction manuals; and execution of all said work within the prescribed time limits.

Logistics arrangements of the printed materials The jobs of logistics of printed materials directly from respective printing presses to the Charge Offices of the States/DCOs are generally assigned to the Department of Posts (DoP).