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Census in School

Census in School

As part of the initiative to sensitize the school students about the ensuing Population Enumeration in Census 2011, the Census Organization is implementing a programme “Census in School’ all over the country. The purpose of this programme is to make all children aware that the Census is taking place and that they have a role in ensuring that the data for their own family is recorded correctly. Another purpose is to expose them to the significance of Census Data in the development of the country in taking informed decisions

Census Quiz at Delhi Public School, R K Puram, New Delhi

Award of certificate to the winners by Mrs Varsha Joshi I.A.S., Director of Census Operations, Delhi

The programme covers about 60 to 80 schools in each of the 640 Districts in the country and is specifically designed for participation by the students of the entire school and the students of class VI, VII and VIII in particular.

The Principals have been requested to observe one week as ‘Census Week’ for focused attention.

Message from RGI & CC, India to the Principal
Message to be read in the school assembly.
Social Studies Chapter on Census of India-2011 for class VIII
Mathematics Chapter on Census of India-2011 for class VII
Census of India-2011 for class VI
Census data sheet
Census Report from schools

Winners of the Census Quiz