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Presentation on NSDI-12 Annual Event

Presentation on NSDI-12 Annual Event
Houses, Household Amenities and Assets Data 2001 - 2011-Visualizing Through Maps
Unveiling of Surveykshan Geo Portal ( of Survey of India
Geospatial Digital Databases.
Facilitating Forestry Geo-information through web-enabled GIS: FSI Partnering With NSDI.
History of indian Census Cartography - A Journey of 140 Years
National GIS: Vision, Policy, Actions and User- Benefit
Challenges in Mapping for Defence Forces
NIC Maps
Presentation by CSO, Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation
Recent updates on Data Content Standards- Soils in NSDI Framework
Role of NATMO in Exploring and Utilising Geospatial Technology
Accomplishment and implementation of NSDI node in GSI
GeoEye Corporate Overview
Status of Metadata and NSDI node Creation at NCAER
Status of OGC compliant map services vis a vis OCBIS project in GSI
CensusInfo India 2011
Challenges of State SDI’s-Karnataka Experience
Avineon SDI Experience
Change in level of Housing Amenities Among Different Social Groups in West Bengal, (2001 - 2011)
Geo-spatial Technology & Research
National Hydrographic Offices
National Geo-Spatial Information System-A Technolgy Perspective_ESRI
Urban Growth and Sustainability
An Initiative of Government of Karnataka for G-Gov
Census of India & DSSDI Partnering for Development NSDI 2012
Data re-engineering for preparation of GIS-ready topographic data
Status of NSDI Node National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation